If you’re a nursing and pumping mama, you need to check out Davin & Adley! I discovered this brand when I was pregnant with my daughter back in 2020, and I bought a couple pieces to have on hand and haven’t looked back! These are some of the best nursing and pumping bras I have tried! I’ve been meaning to do a proper Davin & Adley Review for ages, so here we go! 

[This post contains affiliate links. This means I may make a small commission if you purchase through these links. I’m only going to recommend products that I have tried and love!]

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About the brand Davin & Adley

Amanda the founder is truly amazing. She blends elegant style into all of her pieces and makes you feel like you are not wearing anything close to your typical bulky and beige clip nursing and pumping bras. She has a background in fashion design, which is perfect for making her own vision come to life! Amanda set out to create modern bras you can feel excited to wear! Ones that blend seamlessly into your feeding journey with your babies.

Her styles make you feel beautiful and sexy, but with ALL the function you could ever dream for as a breastfeeding mama. You have to nurse? Done. You have to pump? You got it. you can have the best of all the worlds with Davin & Adley bralettes and camis. 

She has also built such an amazing community of breastfeeding and pumping mamas. She is herself a mama of 3 boys, and has 7 years of collective breastfeeding experience. Everyone is so supportive in her instagram community and she is just so sweet and relatable. Go give her a follow!

What styles of bras does Davin & Adley make? 

She makes a bunch of styles! I have a bunch of them, and then there are now even more to try still! You might be familiar with some of these from my previous review I did a while back you can see here.

Davin & Adley Amelia Camis

Davin & Adley Bra styles I have tried and will review in this post: 

  • Amelia Pumping & Nursing Crop Cami  
    • I have this in 5 colors, and 2 different versions and sizes
  • Autumn Bralette
  • Ella Maternity, Nursing & Pumping Bralette

Davin & Adley Styles I haven’t tried yet:

  • Logan Maternity & Nursing Bralette
  • Amelia Pumping & Nursing Compression Tank
  • Amelia Swim Camis
  • Sophie Maternity & Nursing Bralette
  • And her newest launch which is a collab with Mimi and Pal – the Riley Pumping & Nursing Lace Bralette 
  • She also has BUSTY versions of the Amelia Tanks and the Ella Bralette which accommodates D cups and larger. 

What is the size range of Davin & Adley bras? 

What I love about Davin & Adley for this review is that she really is size inclusive and has thought about every body shape and size. For all you busty ladies, look no further – She has you covered! She goes from Small to 3X, as well as busty sizing for size D cup and larger. 

What sizes do I have in my Davin & Adley bras?

I have all size Medium in the bras I purchased for when I had my daughter in 2020. With my son this year I am a big larger, so I ordered a size Large in the two new camis I bought, and If I were to get any other new styles, I would also get a Large right now for more comfort around my band size and waist. 

How do you know what size to get?

There is an amazing size calculator now where you can put your size in inches for your bust and underbust etc and it will tell you which size to choose. This is what I used to determine a Large would be best for me right now. It’s so easy, you just plug in your measurements and you get the size you should need!

Can you return or exchange if the size or style doesn’t work for you?

Yes of course you can! She offers one free exchange label per order, so you can get the size right! You can also return, but the shipping is deducted from the refund.

How much do Davin & Adley bras cost? 

They range from $49 to $76 each. They definitely are investments in your breastfeeding and pumping journey. They are high quality, luxurious, well made. I think they are worth every penny. My Amelia camis from 2020 look nearly brand new 3 years later after 2 solid years of use.

  • Amelia Cami Crop: $49
  • Amelia Swim Cami: $54
  • Amelia Tank: $59
  • Logan: $59
  • Sophie $69
  • Ella Bralette: $69
  • Ella BUSTY Bralette: $76
  • Riley: $69
  • Autumn: $69

Accessories and other items that Davin & Adley makes

For starters, every bra comes with its own washing bag, which is the best. I use them ALL the time for literally every bra I have! 

She also makes one piece bra liners called the Paisley liner. It’s so unique! I have the 1.0 style which is on the thin side, which for my last breastfeeding journey was perfect because I didn’t leak a lot. Now she makes a 2.0 version which is a heavy absorbency thicker ones that will absorb more milk. This would have been perfect for my oversupply issues over the summer with my second baby. They stay put in your bra and they don’t move around or show weird lines in your bra – highly recommend if you’re in your leaking phase immediately postpartum. I used them this summer when we went out and they worked really well! 

Lastly she also has the Mia Boxer – the perfect postpartum boxer made with super light compression and a super stretchy waistband to help you feel more polished postpartum while you’re still likely in diapers and bulky pads. These are c-section friendly and have an anti-roll leg! These actually act as underwear – they have an “extra wide crotch gusset lined in cotton with front to back coverage.” This means you can put your postpartum pads right into these instead of adding in extra underwear. I truly meant to buy these, but amidst my postpartum haze, I completely forgot to order them and test them out for you! I really meant to, I love the idea and I bet they are so comfy!

Amelia Cami by Davin & Adley Review

The Amelia Cami is a game changer for breastfeeding and pumping mamas.

Davin & Adley Amelia Cami 2.0 in Cream front
Davin & Adley Amelia Cami 2.0 in Cream back

What I love about the Amelia Cami:

  • It’s beautiful. It’s got this gorgeous lace back
  • Thin tank straps that are adjustable from the front
  • Pull down or pull up nursing access
  • Super sheer layer underneath with the slits for your breast pump flanges, and the outer layer serves to hold the flanges in place. 
  • Material is also so stretchy that it accommodates wearable styles as well. 

What colors and versions do I have: 

  • I have 3 of the original 1.0 style Amelia Cami from my first pregnancy/breastfeeding journey and I wore these exclusively for pumping when working and it was a fabulous undershirt as well as super easy to nurse before work, pump all day, and nurse when I got home without every changing my bra. It also didn’t feel like a bra, it feels like a supportive crop tank that has many purposes! 
  • She has since updated the style to the Amelia Cami 2.0 – this has more overlap of the flange slits in the under layer, so it thus has more nipple coverage. This is a huge improvement on the nipple coverage! That way you can’t see them as much through the outer layer. I never felt I had an issue with this with the first ones, but the second time around my supply came in with a vengeance and I am much larger, I actually sized up to a Large in the two 2.0 camis I bought. 
Davin & Adley Amelia Cami 2.0 Pumping access underneath

Fit and wearing the Amelia Cami by Davin & Adley:

Whenever I pump I make sure to wear an Amelia Cami! The Mocha and Cream are to die for color wise! And she just launched a gorgeous ruby red color for the holidays! I recommend the Ameila camis to my grave!

  • These fit like a built in bra cami style top – they are cropped to the belly button, and usually meet with high waisted leggings or jeans. The skinny straps are perfect for hiding under tanks or t shirts/ tops. The seams are relatively hidden/not very noticeable underneath as well.
  • I love how it feels like it’s holding me together a bit and acts as an undershirt often for me!
  • Sometimes it does roll up on me. I have a short torso, and am only 5 feet tall, with extra pregnancy weight still (I’m currently 6 months postpartum). Here and there I have to roll it back down during wear. Once I lose a little more of my pregnancy weight these fit me even better. This is by no means a deal breaker, just want to share my honest experience with you all since I know we all have different bodies postpartum. I am still 15-20lbs away from where I was pre-pregnancy and carrying most of this in my midsection. Camis sometimes roll up, and my high waisted leggings roll down!
    • The longer tank version of the Amelia would probably be the perfect option for me right now. As it has that length, could be tucked into jeans/pants, and prevent any rolling. Likely grabbing one on my next purchase!

Ella Bralette by Davin & Adley Review

The Ella Bralette is what I bought in my first postpartum breastfeeding journey to have something that made me feel more polished and sexy. It truly is gorgeous and feels so luxe when you have it on! The Ella has such beautiful lace detail on the front and the back, and the metal rose gold slide clip for breastfeeding access is just gorgeous. It just takes your breastfeeding bralette to a whole new level! I don’t pump in this one, I just really love the Amelia so much I never truly tried to use this one much! 

Davin & Adley Ella Bralette front
Davin & Adley Ella Bralette back

What I love about the Ella Bralette:

  • Unique clasp instead of a clip – it’s a beautiful metal magnetic slide closure. Never seen it before and it really elevates the look!
  • The lace is quality. Not going to tear and pill on you
  • Can pump AND nurse in this as well, although I haven’t pumped in this one, I used it more for nursing access. Both ways utilize the clasps.
  • Love that the details can show on the front and back with a slouchy cardigan or off the shoulder sweater!
  • I think there is a 2.0 version coming in 2024 I can’t wait to see!
Davin & Adley Ella Bralette nursing/pumping access

Autumn Bralette by Davin & Adley Review

If you know me, I love a high neck line. My wedding dress was this exact neck line. There is something so chic and slimming about it and it’s like SO rare to find anything high neck that is breastfeeding friendly!

Davin & Adley Autumn Bralette front
Davin & Adley Autumn Bralette back

What I love about the Autumn Bralette: 

  • I love that you can layer this under a slouchy off the shoulder shirt and have a chic breastfeeding friendly outfit. 
  • It’s also pumping friendly but I find the Amelia again is the best support for my flanges, as this one isn’t as adjustable as the other 2 styles I own
  • For nursing or pumping access you actually pull down on an angle to allow for latch, or to insert your flanges. Such a unique way to incorporate nursing/pumping access! It’s really genius!
Pumping/Nursing access on the Autumn Bralette by Davin & Adley

Washing and caring for your Davin & Adley bras: 

Taking proper care of your bras will truly allow them to be with you for multiple years and pregnancy and postpartum journeys!

  • I always wash each bra in cold water in the provided garment bags. 
  • Then I always hang every bra to dry
  • They still look good as new years later, milk stains always come out without any fancy stain remover, and there is minimal wear on the fabric despite quite consistent wear for a year and a half of pumping. 

Where to buy Davin & Adley bras? 

You can buy directly on her website Davin & Adley and you can use code SARAHFAMASTORY for 10% off your order! 

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend David & Adley bras and bralettes, if you couldn’t tell from this review! I really hope this Davin & Adley review was helpful to you if you were deciding on what nursing/pumping bra to try next. The holidays are a great time to snag some as her sales are excellent and her holiday bundles are such great color combinations for the Amelia Camis! And some other styles she has super discounts on right now!

I also love Amanda – she is so sweet and engaging on Instagram and always responds to me when I have questions or comments. I love supporting mama owned small businesses, and I love seeing her behind the scenes too. You should definitely give her a follow @ davinandadley on Instagram. 

Have you tried any Davin & Adley bras? Let me know below or on Insta!

xo – Sarah